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"Vena, you have been the best therapist for us. We really appreciiate your insights and support. We feel understood by you, as individuals and as a couple. Your understanding and acceptance made it easier for us to reveal our real feelings to each other. That has made such a big difference. You made it safe for me to face the hard issues from my past, and helped me live more in the present. Thank you for helping us have a much better relationship., and to be much better people. (R. and J. 2008)

"Vena is an open-hearted, compassionate woman who cares passionately about creating more Sex Positive Education for the Benefit of Others. I would highly recommend her as a counselor/therapist!” Michele Clarkson, MSW, LCSW, DST (August, 2011 ) 

Vena was an engaging speaker on sexual health and sex therapy... Her presentation was informative and inspiring" (participant UCLA Human Sexuality and Couples Couseling course, 2009)

"Vena represents everything our field is most proud of in its members -- expertise, experience, integrity, colleagueship, self-reflections, and continuing education... Her work refelcts well on our profession and our organization."
Marty Klein, PhD (2005), AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

"...I can now get on with my life without the loneliness I had before. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for that. You improve people's lives in a big way. Thank you!! Than you!! Thank you!!
Take care, and keep up the good work.
Again, thank you so much.
Love and gratitude. S." (2010) 

"I can never thank you enough for all you've done for me. I can't believe how much I've changed. Please keep up the good work that you are doing. You are helping people even more than you know." 

"Your wisdom, caring, and support continue to inspire me and make me feel worthwhile and capable... [like I'm] someone who deserves a loving relationship and can be a valuable partner. 
Happiness seems within grasp.
Warm regards, David"

It has been a month since my intensive. And I am hardpressed to find the words to thank you. The "team" was very well chosen... I am very grateful for the kindness and professionalism all of you showed. And, I am happy to have this part of my life available."
Linda (2003)

I appreciated the consulation and love what I get from you.. your sexual knowlege, creativity and warmth in working with clients."
MM (regarding professional case consultation, 2008)

My work with Dr. Blanchard made me see things in a whole new light. Before I started this therapy I was completely in the dark about how to start a relationship and what to do if I was in one. Vena made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I am still amazed at her level of compassion and acceptance, and her ability to let her clinets know that most of their concerns are common among many people, and that there are proven methods to deal with those issues. Whether it is a client with body image issues, performance concerns, little, or no experience, or any sexuality related issue, Vena is second to none at solving these and any other concerns that a person might have. I recommend Vena's expertise to anyone who feels they have issues they would like to solve, once and for all. In a world of so called "gurus" and "sexperts", Vena is the real deal."
Robert (Canada, 2011)

The Surrogate Partner Therapy was great, a bit expensive but great. Really worth every cent. What the hell was I spending my cash on before anyway? A bunch of stuff I didn't need. I chose to get the help I needed, and now I have [my girlfriend]. Things seem a lot brighter. It wouldn't have been possible without this therapy ... Now I get to experience life instead of watching from the bench. "Put me in coaches." :) 
Fin (2010)