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Each client has a unique history, a unique set of present circumstances, and ultimately a unique experience in therapy.  At the center of the therapy experience is the therapeutic partnership between client and clinician.  I am unwaveringly dedicated to making that a healing experience and a successful partnership.

The therapeutic partnership often begins before our first in person meeting.  I like to have a phone conversation (15-20 minutes, at no charge), to help the client determine whether my skills and approach are well matched to the clients’ needs.

If you are the client, and we decide to meet in person, our first few sessions will be devoted to 

Throughout our partnership, our conversations and interactions serve to simultaneously help us understand your difficulties, and also to build the emotional skills and behavior patterns create the changes you wish in your life. We work with your personal goals in mind, and periodically we review and reassess our progress and our working relationship. Counseling is as much art as it is science, and I am dedicated to co-creating a deeply meaningful and profoundly effective experience for you.

During the course of therapy it is common to add or revise goals, and to adjust our approach to better meet your unique needs. If we discover that accomplishing your goals involves unintended consequences for you, or for those with whom you are close, we will decide together whether we want to modify your goals.

You will receive recommendations for between-session activities designed to increase your understanding of yourself, to enhance the effectiveness of the therapy, and to extend your growth in the rest of your life. These may involve reading, writing, thinking, practicing new behaviors, or doing exercises related to the therapy. I am available by phone if you need clarification about home assignments, a bit of reassurance, or an additional session.   

It is important that we discuss any dramatic events in your present life –- job changes, new health issues, loss of friend or family member, the beginning and ending of relationships, etc.
As therapy becomes challenging it is natural to feel ambivalent -- wanting the positive effects, but wishing to avoid the discomforts of change. Under these circumstances, it is in your best interests to talk with me about your discomfort so that we can determine together whether your feelings are the natural, expected resistance to change (and a sign of progress), or a sign that therapy needs to be modified in some way.

Although there may be occasions (due to vacations, illnesses, or commitments) when we decide to skip a session, it is important that you make every effort to keep your scheduled appointments and to cancel only when absolutely necessary. You will make faster and more consistent progress if weeks do not pass between our sessions. It is my experience that meeting half as often slows your progress by more than half. 

If you are having a scheduling concern, feel free to call to request a change. I will make every effort to find a new appointment time for you in the same week.

Too maintain the integrity of therapy, and so that you can return for further work if you should ever need my services again, I do not socialize with current or former clients.