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Sex therapy teaches clients how to resolve sexual difficulties, and how to create and enjoy pleasure and intimacy.  I work with couples and individuals on the underlying emotional and behavior issues that are getting in the way of clients enjoying their sexuality.

Some of the sexuality related issues I have experience treating:

Psycho-Social Difficulties: Social Anxiety, Heterosexual Anxiety, Mid-life virginity, Involuntary celibacy, Dating difficulties,

Sexual Orientation and Sexual Minority Issues: Sexual attraction confusion, "Coming Out" issues, sexual difficulties involving BDSM and fetishes, LGBTQ...

Sexual Dysfunctions:

Arousal and Orgasm Dysfunctions
Erection Difficulties (ED),
Inhibited or delayed ejaculation
Rapid ejaculation (PE)
Painful sex 
Sexual phobias and aversions
Avoidance of sexual interactions or relationships
Disorders of sexual desire including:
Disorders of sexual desire including:
Low desire (low sex drive)
Loss of libido (loss of interest in sex) 
Desire discrepancy in couples 
Out of control sexual behavior ("sex addiction")
Problematic use of pornography ("porn addiction")
Hypersexuality (over sexualizing)